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A Cheese-lovers heaven. Chunks of Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Camembert, Piave Vecchio and Manchego garnished with seasonal and dried fruits and almonds. One size (Tray serves 12-15 people).

*This tray garnish contains nuts.


Italians love pistachios and put them in everything from gelato to cannoli. This beauty is made with vanilla sponge cake, vanilla cream filling and icing, topped with pistachios.


Grazie is how we say thank you in Italian. Celebrating with our favourite foods is how we show gratitude best.


Cherries and cheese–a perfect pairing. Melt in your mouth creamy decadence, made with top quality cream-cheese on a cookie crust.


A beautifully balanced selection of deli-meats and cheeses. garnished with Bella di Cernigola Olives. Choose from three deli meats and two cheeses. We do not offer substitutions online.