Jan Schalkwijk's comes from a lineage of Dutch cheesemakers. When it was tough to make a go of it back home, moving to Alberta brought great rewards as well as awards for Gouda made the old way.

The Chaves family came to Canada because of Mom's medical job at the University of Alberta. Now they're making empanadas and alfajores, the old Argentine way.

Behind some of the Italian Centre Shop's favourite ingredients are three family-owned Italian-Canadian businesses. Each has its own personality, its own specialties and its own beloved brands.

For Evangelina Lopez love usually comes wrapped in a Tortilla. Her family came to Edmonton for adventure & stayed to build a factory making Mexican tacos, totopos and everything else in between.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where else in the world will you see an East Indian selling pasta he makes? Telling the tales of three families who make a good living by making great ravioli. By Rita Feutl.