Locally cold-smoked, fresh Atlantic salmon adds a touch of luxury. Loaded on top of pumpernickel bites, topped with capers, shaved cucumber, lemon, onions & seasoned cream cheese.
*One size (Tray serves 10-12 people).


A Cheese-lovers heaven. Chunks of Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Camembert, Piave Vecchio and Manchego garnished with seasonal and dried fruits and almonds. One size (Tray serves 12-15 people).

*Tray garnish contains nuts.


The best selection of dry cured meats available in our showcase. Prosciutto, lonza, bresaola, dry capicollo, hot soppressata calabrese and cacciatore sausage.

*One size (Tray serves 8-10 people).


A party all by itself for meat-eaters & vegetarians alike. A beautifully balanced selection of deli-meats and cheeses garnished with assorted olives. Choose from three deli meats and two cheeses.

*No substitutions online please.


An all-time party favourite–five deli meats starting with classic Mortadella and your choice of: hot or mild Capicollo, hot or mild Genoa Salami, Blackforest or Honey Ham and Turkey. Garnished with olives.

*No substitutions online please


Cheese lovers heaven, perfect for any party. Provolone, Asiago, Mild Cheddar, Marble, and Havarti (Plain or Jalapeno). Garnished with crackers, nuts and dried fruits.

*No substitutions online please.

*This tray garnish contains nuts.


A select assortment of our favourite European crackers–the perfect compliment to cheese or meat trays.

*One size (Tray serves 10-12 people).


Our famous Panini cut into 35 bite-sized pieces. Ajvar spread on a crispy fresh baguette, loaded up with fresh cut capicollo, genoa salami, mortadella and provolone cheese. Choose hot or mild.

*One size (Tray serves 15-20 people).


The perfect touch of flair to any party. Home-made bruschetta surrounded by marinated olives, sweet roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts and more.

*No substitutions online please.


A stunning addition to your event. The freshest seasonal fruits arranged into a work of art.

*No substitutions online please. Items shown may vary according to season.


A colorful selection of the freshest seasonal vegetables, perfectly arranged, with love. Served with a creamy Asiago dip.

*No substitutions online please. Items shown may vary according to season.


A truly wonderful selection of our most popular made-from-scratch European pastries, made fresh daily. A sure-fire crowd pleaser.

*May contain nuts. If you have an allergy, we cannot guarantee pastries have not come into contact with nuts.