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While we love fresh cheese on its own, you can dress up a few different cheeses easily by frying them!

Follow along our Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar. Learn more about each day's surprise.

The Italian Centre Shop Advent Calendar is Back!

Some tips on how to amp up traditional leafy lettuce and create your own mix to step up your salad game.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between some of the most popular Italian cheeses?! Well, we've rounded up four of our favourites and provided you with some recipe inspiration too!

This Spring delicacy is well worth seeking out!

Kid's Easter Colouring Contest. Download, colour & you could win a giant chocolate egg!

A few creative ways to use our fresh pizza dough:

Ricotta is most widely known for its use in lasagna and as a base to stuffed pasta fillings like ravioli and tortellini BUT there are so many other creative ways to use it in everyday cooking.

Looking for some inspiration for non-alcoholic drinks to make this month? From bitters to creative club sodas, the shop has a wide range of drinks to choose from.

We've rounded up our BEST comfort food recipes, mostly savoury and a little bit of sweet, for all  to enjoy. Bookmark these to take you through to the Spring thaw.

As the harvest season winds down, pickling and canning is a great way to preserve home grown treasures for many months to come.

There's no doubt our tomato aisle can be overwhelming to the home cook but one of the most asked questions to our grocery team is "How do you decide?"

Did you know canned seafood is making a comeback?

Funny thing about Albertans, if they have a great steak resting on the counter, they will do what it takes to get it onto a BBQ no matter what the season.

HOT OR MILD? An infamous question asked by many upon arriving at the grab and go lunch coolers at any of our locations.

We're sharing some of our best tips to get the best use out of olive oil in your recipes.

Simple pantry ingredients can take your salad dressings to the next level!

Most of us are used to enjoying our favourite tea as a warming drink but have you ever used it in your cooking or baking adventures?

Want to up your at-home coffee game?! From enjoying your favourite espresso as a part of dessert or spicing up your home-brewed coffee, here are a few ways to get creative!

One of Italy's finest exports explained.

It's hard to narrow down over 30,000 products, but Teresa gave us her Top 10 Picks from our shelves this Holiday Season!

Follow along our Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar. Learn more about each day's surprise.

Our first visit is with Liane Faulder - most know her as a food and lifestyle writer for the Edmonton Journal - and this summer she adds playwright to her credentials.

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