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This Pastina Soup is a classic, cozy Italian comfort food recipe that is extremely easy to make.

This Chocolate Coffee Layer Cake is perfect for any celebration!

Cudduri/Grispelle/Cularelli - There are so many names for this Italian variation of the doughnut that I am not sure what to call it other than a doughnut!

Small balls of fried dough coated in honey... need we say more?

This ready-in-minutes meatless lasagna is an easy comfort dish for the winter months and by using jumbo cheese ravioli instead of layering sheets of pasta with cheese filling,

Sometimes a stove stop side dish is what you need to serve next to what's cookin' in the oven.

A classic dish that is sure to wow your guests!

A classic recipe with German influence!

Make lunch fun again with these versatile pizza pockets!

Use our delicious frozen croissants and bake for homemade sandwiches at home.

Celebrate the beautiful produce of the season with these Grilled Stuffed BC Peppers!

Fire up the grill to make this easy Pork Skewers & Vegetable Board!

This icebox cake is filled with layers of a fan-favourite cookie and spread - Biscoff!

Rubbed with a spice mix from the shop, this recipe is perfect for weekend grilling.

An easy and delicious grilled porkchop for the summertime!

Get creative during the warmer months with 3 tasty soda floats!

Simple flavours make this cake shine!

These savoury muffins are perfect for anytime of day!

Asparagus, frozen peas and radishes bring brightness and crunch to this salad.

Something to suit everyone's tastes, these small boards are perfect for weekend family time, picnics or make one just for yourself!

Fire up the grill to make these Pesto Chicken & Vegetable Skewers this summer!

This icebox cake is filled with your favourite tiramisu flavours. It's perfect to make the day before getting together with friends as the cake needs to cool overnight in the fridge.

Mix and match some simple, savoury ingredients to create a delicious assortment of bites!

It's Sgambaro's 25th anniversary of serving there premium cold smoked salmon to Albertans.

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