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Enjoying this basket is like taking a trip to Europe without getting on a plane. This pantry stocker contains an assortment of cooking ingredients, sweets and savory snacks from all over Europe like pasta, chocolates, olives, relishes and crackers.


Cook like Nonna, with half the effort. Nestled inside a family sized ceramic pasta bowl is just a taste of the hundreds of lungo (long) and corto (short) pastas we carry in store.


What better way to evoke a smile than with a token of sweetness. From the Baltic to the Mediterranean, we took as many gourmet sweets from around Europe as we could find and squeezed them into one handsome basket.


Nonna taught us how to cook, eat and be prepared for guests. La cantina is the cellar where Nonna keeps salami, cheeses, confectionaries and staple cooking ingredients like olive oil, pasta and tomato passata.


La vita inizia dopo il caffé-- life begins after coffee. An excellent housewarming, wedding or gift for a new family, this basket serves as perfect espresso starter kit.
Available in one size.


A smaller version of our 6 cup Espresso Lover basket. This basket contains a 3 cup moka maker, a lovely selection of Italian cookies and a few gourmet chocolates to compliment a fresh cup of caffé. Available in one size.


Locally cold-smoked, fresh Atlantic salmon adds a touch of luxury. Garnished with radishes, caper berries, shaved cucumber, lemon, fresh dill, onions, and seasoned cream cheese.

One size (Tray feeds 8-12 people).

$33.98 to $150.00

The Queen of Italian confectionary. Luxurious layers of coffee and rum-soaked Savoiardi biscuits, laced with a sweet cream of mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar. Decorated with a savoiardi finger biscuit border, crowned with chocolate shavings.


The gift that lets cooks channel their inner Italian. Based in a stainless-steel colander, this gift contains beautiful Italian cooking staples like olive oil, La Pavoncella canned tomatoes, select pasta cuts, dried mountain oregano and so much more.


The finest of dry cured meats available in our deli. Prosciutto, bresaola, dry capicollo, hot soppressata Calabrese, German salami, and chorizo. Garnished with dill pickles, Kalamata olives and grainy Dijon.

One size (Tray feeds 8-10 people).

$39.98 to $94.98

Luxurious chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream filling and chocolate icing. Maybe we should call it triple chocolate.


A cheese lover’s heaven. Chunks of applewood smoked cheddar, double cream brie, Reggiano, manchego, and port wine derby, garnished with seasonal and dried fruits, nuts, herbs, and honey.

One size (Tray feeds 8-12 people).
Nut Allergy Alert

$39.98 to $94.98

Italians love pistachios and put them in everything from gelato to cannoli. This beauty is made with vanilla sponge cake, Pistachio cream filling and icing, topped with pistachios.


A warm hug and a cup of tea during times of healing are a wonderful way to show someone you care. This basket contains a taste of European and local high-quality teas and honeys that would make anyone feel like loved.


A stunning addition to your event. The freshest seasonal fruits arranged into a work of art. The perfect centre piece.

Feeds 18-30
Items shown may vary according to season.

$23.98 to $44.98

Our classic cheesecake recipe topped with strawberry preserve makes this an all-out favourite. Melt in your mouth creamy decadence, made with top quality cream-cheese on a cookie crust.

$1.49 to $2.20
$39.98 to $46.98

Seven of some of the most wonderful olives in our deli. A great accompaniment to any gathering.

$39.98 to $94.98

A favourite for any birthday and also popular for office parties and meetings. Vanilla sponge cake & strawberry preserves filling, topped with strawberry glaze.


Made for sharing. This is the perfect gift for groups or individuals who just love to snack. Each ingredient in this basket is ready to open, eat and enjoy.

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