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A select assortment of our favourite European crackers – the perfect compliment to cheese or meat trays.

One size (Tray feeds 12-15 people).
Nut Allergy Alert


Melt in your mouth creamy decadence, made with top quality cream-cheese on a cookie crust. Our cheesecakes are heavy, made the traditional European way, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Perfect for any party, a great pairing with our deli meat platter. Provolone, Asiago, mild cheddar, marble, herb and spice or mild Havarti. Garnished with grapes.


Our take on this classic favourite, loved all over Europe. Chocolate sponge cake, cherry filling, and cherry topping with chocolate shavings.


Our famous panini cut into bite-sized pieces. Olive oil, oregano, and ajvar sauce on a fresh, crispy baguette, loaded with Genoa salami, capicollo, mortadella, & provolone. Available in hot, mild, or half & half.

*One size (Tray feeds 12-15 people)


An old favourite made with Italian Centre love and panache. A lush cake moistened with fresh carrots and pineapple, gently spiced with cinnamon. Buttery cream-cheese icing, infused with lemon tops off the fun.


The perfect touch of flair to any party. Home-made bruschetta surrounded by marinated olives, sweet roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts and more.


Blueberry lovers will love this. Vanilla sponge cake, blueberry preserves filling, and blueberry glaze.


A colorful selection of the freshest seasonal vegetables, perfectly arranged, with love. Served with a creamy Asiago dip.

Items shown may vary according to season.


For lovers of citrus and desserts with a little zestiness. This lemon glazed vanilla sponge is filled with lemon cream filling.


Grazie is how we say thank you in Italian. Celebrating with our favourite foods is how we show gratitude best.


A selection of three meats & two cheeses, garnished with olives. Pick from mortadella, hot or mild capicollo, hot or mild Genoa salami, prosciutto cotto, honey ham & smoked turkey. For cheese pick from Asiago, provolone, mild cheddar, marble, & Havarti.


A truly wonderful selection of our most popular made-from-scratch European pastries, made fresh daily. A sure-fire crowd pleaser.

May contain nuts. If you have an allergy, we cannot guarantee pastries have not come into contact with nuts.


One of our most popular flavours, our classic vanilla sponge layered with custard filling, topped with a melt in our mouth, velvety caramel glaze.


The joy of chocolate combined with coffee–one of the world s delights. Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mocha cream filling and chocolate glaze.


A perfect addition to your meat and cheese platter. The Panini Builder is loaded with fresh cut vegetables, mayonaise, and ajvar to help your guests make their perfect panino. Don't forget to order your buns too!

*One size only. Feeds 10-20


About as Italian as it gets. Transport your guests to Europe with a colorful assortment of carefully selected traditional Italian salami, cheeses (Asiago & provolone), olives and giardinera surround fresh bocconcini.
(Feeds 12-18)

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